Health Made Simply

The machine is controlled by an in-store “Barkista” who, with customer input, will dispense, mix and apply the chosen supplements, oils and flavors to their pet’s food.

1. Choose Your Bag

Choose your pup’s favorite Activa® dog food formulation.

2. Customize

Pick out two supplements, one oil and one flavor.

3. Combine

Our barkistas will mix in enrichments and dispense the custom food.

4. Enjoy!

Let your pup enjoy their new, customized grub.

Customized Dog Food

Pets come in all sorts of breeds, sizes and activity levels. Don’t settle for ordinary dog food. See how Cooper’s and Molly’s Activa® dog food is customized to their individual tastes and needs.  

Cooper, Age 2
  • Problem: Dry Itchy Skin & A Dull Coat
  • Food Preference: Activa® Grain Free Pork Meal
  • Enrichment Recommendation:
  • Skin & Coat Supplement
  • Coconut Oil
  • Bacon Flavor
Molly, Age 5
  • Problem: Lost Interest In Eating & Prone to "Scoot"
  • Food Preference: Activa® No Corn - Lamb Meal
  • Enrichment Recommendation:
  • Finicky Eater Supplement
  • No Scoot Supplement
  • Salmon Oil
  • Salmon Flavor
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