Activa Enhancements

Start with Activa Original, No Corn or Grain Free Formula and customize with additional flavors, oils and health supplements to create pet food with a unique purpose. Click below to walk through the personalization process.

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Premium Pet Food Formulas

Texas made and manufactured, Activa Custom pet food formulas are veterinarian-approved and designed to be a healthful canvas for customization.

Image of a bag of Activa Original pet food

Activa Original

Image of a bag of Activa No Corn pet food

Activa No Corn

Image of a bag of Activa Grain Free pet food

Activa Grain Free


Salmon Oil

Naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Helps promote glossy coats & healthy skin

Olive Oil

Excellent source of Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids
Helps reduce inflammatory reactions

Coconut Oil

An antibacterial and antifungal superfood
Helps improve digestion & increase energy

Sunflower Oil

High in Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids
Helps promote heart health & immunity


Illustration of Salmon


Illustration of Chicken


Illustration of Steak


Illustration of Bacon


Health Supplements

Add additional vitamins, minerals and health boosts to your pet’s food. Choose from 19 different supplements to help target your pet’s problem areas, dietary needs and taste preferences.
Click on the supplements below to see the ingredients and use cases.

  • Adult

    Immunity Boost

  • Allergy Support

  • Bully Breed

  • Calming & Anxiety

    Rescue Dog

  • Digestion

    Sensitive Skin / Sensitive Stomach

  • Finicky Dog

  • Growth


  • Hairball

  • Hip & Joint

  • Indoor Cat

  • Large Breed

  • No-Scoot

  • Protein Boost

  • Senior

    Weight Management

  • Skin & Coat

  • Small Breed

  • U.T.H

    Urinary Tract Health

  • Veggie Blend

    Dehydrated Vegetable Supplement

  • Vision Support